Monday, September 14, 2009

More News!

Even more news from the Fantastic 15!
Immad got a new phone. he can play heaps of games on it. He likes the bit where you put the batteries in. His Mum and Dad bought it from Dick Smith for him. Its black.
He also got new sneakers. He likes them because they are really good and he can run fast in them. They cost one hundred dollars.

Jayda P got a three scoop ice cream. It had sprinkles on top. It was strawberry flavor, and even though there was heaps of ice cream she managed to finish it. She is going to see the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. There is only four days to go before the movie premiers and she's really excited. she wants to see it because she hasn't seen it before and it looks really cool.

Jaewoo has a new dark green toy car. He plays with it a lot and really enjoys it. He hasn't named it.
He also has a transformer toy at his house. It cost twenty dollars. It's blue, black, red and grey. He loves playing with it, and he can make it transform into a car.

Pakkad has a Hello Kitty writing book. She draws pictures of animals and her friends and family. Her favourite picture is one of herself. She also likes (but doesn't love) two hello kitty pictures on the front, but she didn't draw them they were always there.

Aashi got Dora The Explorer felt pens. Her favourite colour is pink but she doesn't use it because it's special. It came with a book. She also got a Barbie book from the book shop. It's about Barbie Mariposa, a fairy version of Barbie. Her favourite page has a picture of two fairies flying high in the sky and they look the same because they are both blue. In the picture it is night time.
She also got a ponie set and some Hannah Montana felts. They are pink and blue and yellow.

Brandon has a Lego car he bought them when he was sick he also bought a Lego helicopter but he didn't buy it his dad bought it for him just so he could have something to do while he was sick.
He also got a Thomas the Tank Engine toy. It came in a box. The colours of the others are yellow and brown. It's really fun to play with.

Jayda got a Hannah Montana wallet. She has some money in it and she's saving up for a Hannah Montana Poster. She says that she is part of a Miley Cyrus Fan Club and she has to pay for it. The benefits of the club are that you get prizes and goodie bags of Miley Cyrus when you're new in the Fan Club.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fantastic News!

Hello again from the Fantastic 15! It's a new month, so here's new news!

Jae woo's big blue glasses help him see better. He wears them at school sometimes, but not very often. His mum got them.

Jayda H got a new hair clip. It has a flower on it with a diamond in the middle. Her sister broke it by accident.
she likes to put it in the side off her hair in case her hair goes in her face

Jason has a huge red guitar. he can play it. He can play heaps of songs on it as he says anyway. It has a strap that goes around his neck. It makes heaps of noise.

Namagembe has a Dora watch to tell the time with she can't play with it any more now but she plays with it Just like a toy and she got a barbie camera that got stolen.She wants her camera back. She is going to her cousin's house in Australia. She will be there for five weeks.
On the weekend Immad played basketball with his cousin and some people he didn't know. He wore shorts with a short sleeve t shirt. He can do slam dunks. The hoop is as high as his roof.His favourite thing about his basket ball is that he can run and bounce it.

Ellen's talking toy horse she bought with her own, hard earned money is greatly cherished by her. She loves playing with it and will whenever she gets a chance. What's rather disappointing about it is that she can't turn it on properly. The saddle can come off and she might make some of her other toys ride on it.
Ellen's house is a pet paradise! She has a mouse, a rabbit and three dogs! She doesn't play with them though.

Brandon won a blue Thomas the tank engine watch from a long-lasting battle with a prize crane. It says the right time and he thinks that all that work with the prize crane was worth it for his brand new watch.

Immad has a huge new bedroom! Its way bigger than his old room, and it's coloured black and blue. Immad is very grateful for the extra space. Party!

Tara's dad brought her a beige mouse. She named it Noah and she got it from a pet shop but doesn't know what one. She keeps Noah in a cage on the ground with a mouse house in it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fantastic 15 have yet more news to share with you! Every Tuesday and Thursday We'll have yet more things right here, on the blog. 

Carson's Dad bought him some Lego, just for a nice treat. He absolutely loves it, and he plays with it every day when he gets home from school. He got a gas station with a car, a truck and two little men. Even though he loves this little set so much, he still longs for a Lego City pack. He had a little bit of help building it so now it's finished. Even though he has instructions for a few things with it, he can't make a train, a train track or a plane, though he can make a big Helicopter.

Pakkad went to west wave. Her dad, sister and mum went with her. She doesn't know why she went there, but it was most likely just for fun. She went underwater and swam around a bit before coming up for breath. She had lots of fun swimming around in the pools, but she couldn't go on the hydro slide because she was too small.

Jason got some cards from a Happy Meal from McDonald's and now he plays with them when he's bored. They are of Justice League superheroes and his favourite is Superman. He's seen the movie the cards came from and he really liked it.

Jayda P is going to buy a white and brown dress tomorrow. She's going to put it in a special draw. She can't wait until she's going to get it.

Imaad bought an Optimus Prime toy from the warehouse. It's from the movie Transformers but it doesn't transform from a car to a robot, and just stays a car. He knows it's Optimus Prime because it says that on the bottom. His dad bought it for him for a gift because he was good and he cleaned the kitchen. He loves playing with it and can't wait to play with it when he gets home from school.

Monday, August 17, 2009

More News

Here's some more news that the kids from rooms 15 and 16 recorded.

Cayden has toy robot that can turn into a rocket ship. He says the best thing about it is that his mum finally bought it for him. He struggles to open it but it isn't normally that hard.

Namagembe's mum bought her a new red drink bottle from the shopping centre because her other one broke. It's also is her favourite colour. She chose it because it's her favourite colour and wouldn't buy any other one because they weren't red.

Caylah's mum bought toy phone and a magazine on Wednesday for her. She can plafun games on the toy phone. She has only played with it five times.

Ellen got a toy car. Its real name was car but she called it blue. It is very colorful. her favourite color is even on it. Ellen says it rolls really fast and it's hard to control with a push

Imaad got a toy car the changes into a robot. He bought it from the warehouse. It's called Bumblebee and it's from the movie Transformers. he bought that one first because it was from Transformer's and it was his favourite one.

Fantastic 15 News

 Hello, here is another bunch of news about Room 15. (graciously recorded by Courtney and Becca from Room 14)

There is a birthday girl in room 15... Aashi! Her birthday is today, but since it's a Tuesday and a school day she won't have her party until Saturday. On that day she will be going to Chipmunks, where she'll have heaps of playing friends and a delicious chocolate cake to look forward to.

Jayda H bought a wallet from the Warehouse. It's bright pink with purply-pink, swirly patterns on it. It also has a Hannah Montana logo on the flap you use to close it. She has some cards in it but no money. Yet...

Immad bought a sticker from the Warehouse. It has a picture of a knight on it, and it looks like one from Shrek 2 or something like that. It also has the number 207 on the back of it. The reason for the number being there is unknown and rather mysterious...

Namagembe got a CD about Dora Explorer at the circus with her friend Boots the monkey. She got a book with it so she could read the book while the CD was playing, and it told her to do stuff like count the butterflies in the book. She has heaps of fun with it.

Caylah got her rotten, holed tooth pulled out. She probably had been eating too many lollies, but it's not her fault. All kids know of the hypnotising power of the cookie (as well as all other sweet treats). She got two stickers from the dentist for being good but one fell off her jumper. She's rather disappointed about that, but at least she has one left.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fantastic 15 News

On Tuesday some kids from rooms 14 and 16 came to record our news! We told them all about some of the things we have done and things that we have.
Aashi went to Rainbows end. She went on the Dragon Coaster and the merry-go-round. She loved rocketing around the castle on the Dragon Coaster! Above is a picture of her.
When Harry got his Krusty Cards when he was four, he was really excited. He was even more excited by the fact that they came with books about Spongebob Squarepants! He loved them then, and even now, after a whole year, he still loves them enough to bring them to school to tell us about them. Above is a picture of Harry with his cards.

Shay's Ben 10 toys give him hours of entertainment when he plays with them. He hasn't collected all the Ben 10 toys yet, but he does have some. Two of them are called echo-echo and Humoungasaur.
During the holidays Pakkad went to West Wave, the most popular swimming pool in Henderson, accompanied by her parents. She rode on her dad's back like a dolphin trainer. Somehow she swam backwards with her Dad. Above is a picture of Pakkad.

In the holidays Jayda H went to the pet shop and bought a Dalmatian. She is called Rosie. When she bought Rosie she licked Pakkad in the face.

Cayden has a Ben Ten watch called The Omnitrix. It has lots of aliens and he also has a Ben 10 car. They are on his bed waiting for him to come home and to play with them. They were bought from The Warehouse and he superbly likes them. When he touches the watch the aliens call out their names.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Story Time With Room 14!

Check out the great story telling that the Fantastic 15 did with Room 14! Everyone had such a fun time and the stories were amazing! Filled with monsters, robots and super powers.