Monday, September 14, 2009

More News!

Even more news from the Fantastic 15!
Immad got a new phone. he can play heaps of games on it. He likes the bit where you put the batteries in. His Mum and Dad bought it from Dick Smith for him. Its black.
He also got new sneakers. He likes them because they are really good and he can run fast in them. They cost one hundred dollars.

Jayda P got a three scoop ice cream. It had sprinkles on top. It was strawberry flavor, and even though there was heaps of ice cream she managed to finish it. She is going to see the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. There is only four days to go before the movie premiers and she's really excited. she wants to see it because she hasn't seen it before and it looks really cool.

Jaewoo has a new dark green toy car. He plays with it a lot and really enjoys it. He hasn't named it.
He also has a transformer toy at his house. It cost twenty dollars. It's blue, black, red and grey. He loves playing with it, and he can make it transform into a car.

Pakkad has a Hello Kitty writing book. She draws pictures of animals and her friends and family. Her favourite picture is one of herself. She also likes (but doesn't love) two hello kitty pictures on the front, but she didn't draw them they were always there.

Aashi got Dora The Explorer felt pens. Her favourite colour is pink but she doesn't use it because it's special. It came with a book. She also got a Barbie book from the book shop. It's about Barbie Mariposa, a fairy version of Barbie. Her favourite page has a picture of two fairies flying high in the sky and they look the same because they are both blue. In the picture it is night time.
She also got a ponie set and some Hannah Montana felts. They are pink and blue and yellow.

Brandon has a Lego car he bought them when he was sick he also bought a Lego helicopter but he didn't buy it his dad bought it for him just so he could have something to do while he was sick.
He also got a Thomas the Tank Engine toy. It came in a box. The colours of the others are yellow and brown. It's really fun to play with.

Jayda got a Hannah Montana wallet. She has some money in it and she's saving up for a Hannah Montana Poster. She says that she is part of a Miley Cyrus Fan Club and she has to pay for it. The benefits of the club are that you get prizes and goodie bags of Miley Cyrus when you're new in the Fan Club.